Hello everyone!


If you didn’t know, we have a Discord server now for Jack’s Adventure! The link is at the end of this post, so make sure you go ahead and check that out.


But for those of you who have already been enjoying the Discord, we’re looking for Discord Chat Moderators, now to be clear, this does not mean you work for Jack’s Adventure, or Bunny Slipper Online Studios, you’d just be volunteering to help us keep the Discord squeaky clean!



-Be at least 16 years old.

-Have a Discord Account for more than a few days and have two-factor-authentication turned on. (Due to server verification, all Moderators are required to have 2FA turned on and working on their account.)



-Having experience with other Discord Servers helps your chances, we want people who know what they’re doing, not someone who doesn’t know how to ban someone, or delete messages, or doesn’t know how to use the Audit Log.




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Thanks for reading, we hope to see you on the Discord, you can join by clicking here.

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