Happy New Year, Jacktopains!

2019 has arrived, and that means Jacktopia will arrive to your screens as well, very soon! If you don’t follow our socials, (I don’t know why you wouldn’t? Come On!) Then, you may have not known we successfully completed a closed-alpha test for the past few days.

Don’t worry, these Alpha Testers did not get anything you won’t get in beta, so, it’s all fair. We just needed some people to test certain features and the servers, we gathered a few bug reports, some were fixed on the spot, but a couple of them, need our attention before beta, they’re not big bugs, or hard bugs to fix, but we are prioritizing other features first. Also, some alpha users had some complaints with the UI, like chat bubbles appearing for too long, or not being able to read text inside the chat bubbles very easily in certain rooms, we heard you, and we agree! We’re going to fix all that, and add, much, much, more!

Now, one of the coolest features our team has been working are houses! You’ll be able to decorate your house with quite a few furniture during beta and thereafter, but make sure you get into beta as soon as you can when we announce it, so you can get your exclusive beta furniture! Until then, I’ve gathered quite the picture from Jacks Adventure, tell me what you think it is!

A storage box… but for what?

Hmm, definitely a pretty cryptic picture… let me know what you think it is in the comments below, or you can always reach out to us on our socials, including our new Discord server!

Jacks Adventure Twitter: https://twitter.com/_jacksadventure
Bunny Slipper Online Studios Twitter: https://twitter.com/bsosofficial
Jacks Adventure Discord Server: https://discord.gg/E2mfxws

Keep on hoppin’!

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