Hey Jacktopains!

Here at Bunny Slipper Online Studios, we love free stuff, so that has to mean our community likes it too! To end the year we’re going to set two VERY LARGE goals. We want to hit 1,000 users on the Jacks Adventure official Discord, (yes I know I said two very large goals.) but to do this we’re going to divide 1,000 into two different giveaways by trying to reach 500 users and then an additional 500, so in summary, the first 500 users on the Discord will be entered into a raffle to get 1 Jack plushie, and all 500 who joined will get an exclusive item in-game with a couple little surprises for their account during beta testing once it’s ready. You’ll also get to pre-register your account before anyone else, and if you’re into this sort of thing, possibly get a low id. if we hit another 500, we will then do another raffle for a Bunny Slipper pin for one lucky user out of the full 1,000 users on the Discord, the difference is, EVERYONE who signed up for JA beta once it’s time, will get 10,000 in-game currency (name TBD) to celebrate.

We know this is a really big goal, but we feel confident that if everyone in our little community pitches in, we can accomplish anything, so let’s get promoting! If you need a Discord invite to use for your friends, or you want one for yourself we’ve got you covered! https://discord.gg/E2mfxws

We’ll also have the link pinned to our Twitter profile, so if you forget, you can always check our Twitter. (Or you know you could just come back here to our beautiful blog.)

So how do you feel about this raffle type giveaway? Are you going to try to help us accomplish this goal? Let us know in the comments below, or go follow our social medias at the bottom of the post.




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