Hey Jacktopians,

We are really pleased to announce the official release date for Jacks Adventure today, it’s been a long time comi-

(What’s that? I can’t reveal the date yet?)

(But I should tell them we’re really close?)

(And that Matthew likes pie? I think they know that already?)

(Yes, yes, pie is better than cake, but it can’t beat cheesecake.)

(No, cheesecake is NOT the same!)

(Ugh! Not this again… look just let me wrap this up to the Jacktopians!)

Ahem… sorry about that Jacktopians, it seems I cannot reveal the date quite yet… but from the note I was just given, more and more information will appear in the next few months, stay tuned!

Haha, we gotcha! Better luck next time Jacktopian! >:)

Happy April Fools!!!!!

Please take our overdone and classic Rickroll as an end to this joke.

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