Hey everyone!

Today I’ll be talking about a very special character that will be introduced in Jack’s Adventure when you login for the first time. You may remember her from Jack’s Journey‘s underground area, and we’re so happy to say that she’s coming back better than ever!

Jill is an archaeologist and is best friends with Jack. Together, they discovered Jacktopia on a dark, stormy night while searching for ancient treasures. Jill wasn’t too keen on calling the island Jacktopia at first, however after some heavy persuading on Jack’s end, they both agreed on the name.

Fun fact: while we were planning to bring back Jill to Jack’s Adventure, we went through some rough ideas of her appearance. We asked ourselves, “should she have a similar style to her Jack’s Journey appearance or have a brand new jungle inspired style?”

We eventually decided to keep her classic look because we realized Jill doesn’t need changing. She’s perfect the way she is! Although I have to agree, her jungle look looks pretty awesome. Who knows, maybe we’ll incorporate it into the game at some point?

Fun fact: Jill’s favourite colour is purple because it reminds her of special purple gems that she collects throughout Jacktopia. Rumour has it they hold ancient magical powers. Then again, that could just be some old wives’ tale…

That’s all for today, I hope you’re as excited as we are to see Jill returning to Jack’s Adventure! 😀 Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We’d really love to hear your theories on those magical gems, too. They’ve been bugging the team and I all day…

Next week, we’ll take a closer look at the Jack’s Adventure logo and show you the process we went through to choose the logo you see today. We’ll also be revealing an in-game feature that we’ve been hard at work on, and we think you’re gonna looove it. After all, there’s no place like home, right? 😉

Keep on hoppin’!

The Bunny Slipper Online Studios team

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