Hello everyone!


Today is an exciting day! The Bunny Slipper team has officially completed so much progress on ProjectMZ, that as a group, we are excited to announce the OFFICIAL TITLE of the game we’ve been so diligently working on!


Drum roll please…… Da, Da, it’s Jacks Adventure! That’s right, we’re bringing back some classic Jacks Journey characters, introducing some new ones, and bringing you into a whole new world, Jacktopia!


This blog will serve as a development blog until we can get Jacks Adventure’s blog all setup! In the meantime, you can go on over to https://jacksadventure.com and just stare at the coming soon page, hey maybe it’ll disappear faster! (We’re not liable for any sore eyes, or non-disappearing coming soon pages.) Developer blog posts will start on November 10th and continue every Saturday until launch, and will be done by myself, (Zach) and Matthew.

We look forward to seeing you soon, The Jacks Adventure team!


P.S. Leave any questions in the comments below, we’ll try to answer as many we can.

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