Jack’s Adventure Discord Giveaway

Hey Jacktopains! Here at Bunny Slipper Online Studios, we love free stuff, so that has to mean our community likes it too! To end the year we're going to set two VERY LARGE goals. We want to hit 1,000 users on the Jacks Adventure official Discord, (yes I know I said two very large goals.) but to do this we're going to divide 1,000 into two different giveaways by trying to reach 500 users and then an additional 500, so…...
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Who is Neckbeard?

Ahoy there, adventurers! Captain Dorian here, bringing you a bonus developer post. As you may have noticed, someone named "Neckbeard" edited last Saturday's post. In case you missed it, this is what it said: So, who is this so called Neckbeard we keep going on about? Well, I'm glad you asked! Neckbeard is simply a character we came up with when our programmer/writer Zach was talking about his facial hair, or rather neck hair. He told the team that whenever…...
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Send us Fan Mail!

  Hey guys! We here at Bunny Slipper love getting fan emails, but now you can send us personalized mail at our business address, you can send a drawing, or even a personalized letter if you'd like! You can find our address at the top of the website, but if you can't find it, or you're too lazy, (we have those moments, we understand) then the address is as follows: #300 - 15300 Croydon Drive, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, V3Z0Z5. So…...
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