Discord Chat Moderator Applications

Hello everyone!   If you didn't know, we have a Discord server now for Jack's Adventure! The link is at the end of this post, so make sure you go ahead and check that out.   But for those of you who have already been enjoying the Discord, we're looking for Discord Chat Moderators, now to be clear, this does not mean you work for Jack's Adventure, or Bunny Slipper Online Studios, you'd just be volunteering to help us keep…...
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First Developer Post!

Hey everyone!   Today is the first developer post for Jacks Adventure, these are very important posts that contain sneak peeks, updates on the game, and many, many, more surprises!   So for this week the team decided to give me a little room sneak peek to show off, it's quite beautiful actually! There it is! A fountain statue of Jack welcoming all you "Jacktopian's", right now all of Jacktopia is under construction, but you'll be able to play soon!…...
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Send us Fan Mail!

  Hey guys! We here at Bunny Slipper love getting fan emails, but now you can send us personalized mail at our business address, you can send a drawing, or even a personalized letter if you'd like! You can find our address at the top of the website, but if you can't find it, or you're too lazy, (we have those moments, we understand) then the address is as follows: #300 - 15300 Croydon Drive, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, V3Z0Z5. So…...
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