Where Have We Been?

Hey Jacktopians!As you may have noticed we've been pretty inactive, and we apologize for this. However, we kind of took an unannounced break to preserve all of our health, as of writing, there's only 4 team members, two of us doing the coding, and our very own Dorian1453 doing the designs himself.These are the most time consuming parts right now, and requires extra hours from us majority of the time, weekends included.However, we are BACK, and with this comes a…...
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Meet Jill!

Hey everyone! Today I'll be talking about a very special character that will be introduced in Jack's Adventure when you login for the first time. You may remember her from Jack's Journey's underground area, and we're so happy to say that she's coming back better than ever! Jill is an archaeologist and is best friends with Jack. Together, they discovered Jacktopia on a dark, stormy night while searching for ancient treasures. Jill wasn't too keen on calling the island Jacktopia…...
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First Developer Post!

Hey everyone!   Today is the first developer post for Jacks Adventure, these are very important posts that contain sneak peeks, updates on the game, and many, many, more surprises!   So for this week the team decided to give me a little room sneak peek to show off, it's quite beautiful actually! There it is! A fountain statue of Jack welcoming all you "Jacktopian's", right now all of Jacktopia is under construction, but you'll be able to play soon!…...
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