Jack’s Adventure Gameplay Teaser

Hey Jacktopians! Just 15 minutes ago our first teaser premiered on our YouTube Channel! Not to worry though, we're here to give some more information on the teaser, first we know some of our users have been worried about rooms, we zoomed in on the rooms we showed off because we still there to be an element of surprise, we just wanted to show off what items would look like on the head, the chat bubbles, and the walking animation,…...
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Meet Jill!

Hey everyone! Today I'll be talking about a very special character that will be introduced in Jack's Adventure when you login for the first time. You may remember her from Jack's Journey's underground area, and we're so happy to say that she's coming back better than ever! Jill is an archaeologist and is best friends with Jack. Together, they discovered Jacktopia on a dark, stormy night while searching for ancient treasures. Jill wasn't too keen on calling the island Jacktopia…...
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#ProjectMZ Title Reveal!

Hello everyone!   Today is an exciting day! The Bunny Slipper team has officially completed so much progress on ProjectMZ, that as a group, we are excited to announce the OFFICIAL TITLE of the game we've been so diligently working on!   Drum roll please...... Da, Da, it's Jacks Adventure! That's right, we're bringing back some classic Jacks Journey characters, introducing some new ones, and bringing you into a whole new world, Jacktopia!   This blog will serve as a development blog…...
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