Jack’s Adventure Gameplay Teaser

Hey Jacktopians! Just 15 minutes ago our first teaser premiered on our YouTube Channel! Not to worry though, we're here to give some more information on the teaser, first we know some of our users have been worried about rooms, we zoomed in on the rooms we showed off because we still there to be an element of surprise, we just wanted to show off what items would look like on the head, the chat bubbles, and the walking animation,…...
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First Developer Post!

Hey everyone!   Today is the first developer post for Jacks Adventure, these are very important posts that contain sneak peeks, updates on the game, and many, many, more surprises!   So for this week the team decided to give me a little room sneak peek to show off, it's quite beautiful actually! There it is! A fountain statue of Jack welcoming all you "Jacktopian's", right now all of Jacktopia is under construction, but you'll be able to play soon!…...
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