Hey everyone!

Over the past few days a LOT has happened on our socials and on the Jacks Adventure Discord.

First, we haven’t given any updates on Jacks Adventure for quite awhile, besides the fact that development was paused while myself and Matthew (Dorian1453) went on vacation, I can proudly say development has restarted, and Jacktopia is looking closer than ever, I wish I had a sneak peek for you guys, but I don’t, soon though!

And then, on February 6th 2019, we teased a new project called ProjectN3XUS, unfortunately due to some other big news we had to pause development on it for awhile.

Our final, and probably biggest announcement is that Ninjaoninja2 (me) has reacquired Snail Paradise from The Rocket Studios and will be working on Snail Paradise with the help of some Jacks Adventure staff, not to worry, these are positions we already have filled for Jacks Adventure, and so some of them transitioned over to the Snail Paradise team, all Snail Paradise updates are being conducted on the Discord at the moment, and while Bunny Slipper Online Studios is very vital to Snail Paradise’s success, Ninjaoninja2 owns Snail Paradise independently.

Wow! Lots of news, the Bunny Slipper team is ecstatic about helping with Snail Paradise, and we also very excited to give you a more in-depth look at Jacks Adventure again soon!

Keep on hoppin’, Ninjaoninja2.

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