Hey Jacktopians!

As you may have noticed we’ve been pretty inactive, and we apologize for this. However, we kind of took an unannounced break to preserve all of our health, as of writing, there’s only 4 team members, two of us doing the coding, and our very own Dorian1453 doing the designs himself.

These are the most time consuming parts right now, and requires extra hours from us majority of the time, weekends included.

However, we are BACK, and with this comes a promise of more transparency. And for the sake of transparency, we are going to be outlining a new development process, an updated outlook for Jack’s Adventure’s release.

That’s right! You heard correctly, Jacktopia is nearing completion and we cannot wait to open it for our fellow Jacktopian residents. It’s been a long road, but we are getting down to the final parts of development.

Remember though, no solid release date has been given yet, just know later this year, we do not foresee any problems finishing for open beta.

With that in mind, open beta will now be in phases, which is how we’re releasing so soon, we’re not rushing the game out by any means. Below, I outline what each phase has planned so far.

So far we only have the first two phase’s narrowed down, if any phases are added, we’ll let you know in an update post just like this one.

  • Phase One: Item Inventory, Free Items, Beta Party, Four Rooms, and some secrets. 😉
  • Phase Two: Item Catalog, Currency, The Clothes Shop is added, Furniture and houses.

Both phases sound incredible, what do you think? And, the best part is, they’ll both be available one after each other, which means the servers won’t shut down during each beta phase, we’ll just update the game when it’s ready, and let you guys know about in a blog post just like this one!

So tell me Jacktopians, are you READY? We sure are! And we cannot wait to share our hard work with each and every one of you! What are you most excited for?

And don’t forget to join our Discord to talk with the staff first hand, and ask your questions directly for us to answer! You can join by clicking HERE.

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